Known Timeline of Mystara

Compendium of Timelines.

AC 1006 – Duke Stefan Karameikos obtains a secession from the Thyatian Empire and declares his Grand Duchy an independent Kingdom of Karameikos.

AC 1006 – Ludwing von Hendricks alias Baron Black Eagle of Hagar is deposed by a revolution of his citizens. He was exposed as a tyrant and as the leader of the criminal organization the Iron Ring.

AC 1010 – The Empire of Thyatis sends the CXXI Legion under the command of General Troyus Machistes to conquest the center of the Isle of Dawn. The Empire of Alphatia send the Obsidian Army under the command of Lord Tersoal Levan Kronas to do the same. The thyatians rename the City of Bostnak to Bostnakus. The battles between the two armies in the plateau of the Isle of Dawn end in the creation of independent nations.

AC 1032 – Troyus Bloodstone of The Band of Wolf s crowned Emperor of Thyatis.

AC 1072 – Troyus Bloodstone orders the creation of and elite group of adventurers to venture into Alpathia, with the purpose of inciting rebellions and finding military weakness within the continent of Alpathia and taking down their military from the inside.

AC 1073 – Current Time.

Known Timeline of Mystara

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