Warring Kingdoms


1,000 XP

The Blind Eye plus Eanthril left the others in care of the poor sick rouge and decided to scout ahead in search of the goblins, after a couple of hours in the search, they found them. The group tried to play the hiding game but luck was not in their favor, the goblins had worgs with them and the worgs managed to sniff them out. So what was supposed to be a scouting mission turned into a fight between the both groups but with a slight advantage for the goblins, since they had the numbers. The fight ended when the group, in a attempt to not die, managed to entangle the worgs and the goblins and made a run for it. The Blind Eye decided in the way to not take a direct route to where the rest were holed up, since Greed can barely move. They took a long route, successfully getting another step ahead of them, which meant more time for them to gather the group and running away.

Character; Average Party Level: 5

Nenë Hombruk
Dio Stoutspark II
Eanthril Galanodel



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