Rurik Torbjorn

Dwarf Fighter of Goldleaf


Lawful Good Dwarf Fighter level 4
Weight: 138 lbs, Height: 3’11", Brown Eyes, Black Hair


“There is no treasure more valuable than life & liberty, and no duty more honorable than the defense of these treasures.”

Rurik Torbjorn is a dwarf born and raised in the city of Goldleaf. Like any other Goldleaf citizen, Rurik grew up surrounded by rivers and mountains. As a child, he often would disappear for days or even weeks, only to be found later playing idly in the mountain range. After a particularly frightening encounter with some wolves during one of his signature escapes, his father, Rarmok Torbjorn, decided that Rurik should at least be trained in the martial arts if he was to continue going off into the mountains alone. It was this event that lead Rurik down the path of the fighter where he became proficient with all martial weapons.

Rurik’s family could be described many ways, but “normal” is certainly not one them. Rarmok played a key role in the mining of precious metals in Halathius, while his mother was a priestess for Moradin. This unusual background, paired with Rurik’s habitual disappearance, gave the Torbjorns quite the notoriety in the otherwise quite city of Goldleaf.

Due to Rarmok’s involvement in the mining industry and strong loyalty to Thyatis, the Torbjorns were invited to form part of the negotiations to open up Buhrohur to foreigners and non-dwarven people. A stronger relationship between the empire and the Buhrohuri would serve to benefit everyone, especially with the growing concern of an Alphatian invasion, and so they set off one day to the town of Makrast to begin this dialogue..

Unfortunately, not everyone considered Buhrohur to be a necessary ally. When the Torbjorns were a quarter moon away from finally reaching the broken mountain, their convoy was attacked by a group of Storm Soldiers. Rurik, who missed the initial ambush while exploring the Buhrohur mountains, came back to the convoy only to find his father hanged, drawn, and quartered. Rurik’s mother was shamed, with the words “NON-HUMAN SCUM” carved into her bosom.

Rurik embraced his mother as she explained to him events that unfolded. As her last wish, she told Rurik to not reveal what happened that night, as the people of Makrast would never integrate after hearing what had happened. She gave to him her necklace and told him to pray to Moradin for the strength and guidance to do the right thing and to seek justice, not vengeance, above all else.

The news would later spread throughout Makrast of the tragic and unfortunate demise of the Torbjorn elders due to a freak Owlbear attack.

Rurik Torbjorn

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