Tag: Land's End


  • Gorme

    Gorme is the innkeeper of The Red Mug, one of Land's End most concurred inn, although lately not a lot of visitors have been popping up because of the gobling raids that been happening.

  • Jamros Trannyth

    Jamros, is also known as Jamros the Swift, and is the captain of the guard in Land's End. He has a mount called Midnight, a light black colored heavy warhorse. He doesn't always see eye to eye with [[:tharilor-weedshaker | Tharilor Weedshaker]], but its …

  • Alseif

    Alseif is the town's blacksmith. She inherited her shop form her father when he died of seemingly unknown reasons. It was kind of odd for her to inherit the shop since she and her father were very estranged since no less than 5 years ago. Since she …

  • Tharilor Weedshaker

    Tharilor, not a lot of races out of humans are ever chosen to be members of the aristocratic circle in Qeodhar, but Tharilor managed to become one of them. Although he might be considered a bit of a jokester, he has a knack for office work. After a long …

  • Markov

    Markov is the local elder. While he is very caring and compassionate of children, he seems do detest adults, no matter the race. He can always sense who is a child and who is an adult.