Tag: Blind Eye


  • Bartolomeo

    His companion is [[:gato | Gato]], and he is the protagonist of his own legend. The legend speaks of a powerful Druid, strong within the circle of Thyatian empire. Said to had laid with a mystical goddess of nature, fooled by her appearance of human …

  • Dio Stoutspark II

    “Deja que mi poesía te deleite” Un cuento largo hecho corto: Hijo de Dio e Ithrel Stoutspark. Criado en un ambiente Clerical pero no amante de este; forzado a ser clérigo por mi padre pero con mente de poeta y cizañero. Solía no ir a mis “clases” para …

  • Greed

    Nobody knows his name, all that it's known is that he goes by the name of "Greed". A somewhat skillful thief and at the tender age of 11, now he is 13 years old