Warring Kingdoms

The Bear vs the Cat.
XP= 800

Date: Vatermont 13, on the year 1075 after the coronation of the First Emperor of Thyatis


A couple of days after returning from their near death experience with the goblin hoard, the heroes were informed that all the goblins left the area surrounding Land's End. Captain Jamros one again expressed his gratitude, but also asked for one favor. He needed that an important military package be delivered to Captain Shiv in Farend, with an escort and with gold upfront. The heroes accepted the task and proceeded to use some of their earnings in the local bars. while in the bars, Rurick met with some of the guardsmen who would escort them to Farend. The next day, the group parted for the capital. After a couple of hours on the road. they encountered a group of warriors/bandits, who were relatively easy to defeat, until their leader appeared, after Elgator managed to make the first claw attack on the leader, it was with much surprise to find that he didn't sustain much damage, and complained about the claws being "ticklish", in which then he shape changed into a hybrid werebear, a half-human, half-bear humanoid, and attacked Elgator and ripped out the throat of one of the guardsmen. The fight was intense, with some casualties from the guardsmen (one of them was accidentally killed by Dio) but they managed to kill the werebear, but not before bitting Bartolomeo in the shoulder. The remaining guardsmen decided then to burry their fallen friends, with Hectroius Riverius, who has a little knowledge in religion, giving a simple yet meaningful service. Then they decided to settle down for the night so that they could recuperate.



1 Werebear CR:5 
5 Human Bandits CR: 1 each

Encounter Level: 7


Total Found:
8,790 gps, 16,000 sps, 4,000 cps

Total for Adventurer:
2,197.5 gps, 4,000 sps, 1,000 cps

Adventurers ECL: 4.7

Dio Stoutspark II
Rurick Torbjorn

Stalking the Hoard
900 XP

After recovering from their wounds, the Blind Eye continued to track the goblins, with much skill and luck, the adventurers managed to find what looked like their camp. After making sure they weren't being  the goblins looked like they were in a middle of some sort of ritual. The group decided to wait out the goblins to try and make out what was it they were actually doing. Finally, the goblins finished whatever it was they were doing. After the goblins left, the group investigated the site, but found very little information, other that it wasn't a ritual, but that the goblins were digging something up.

Rurick Torbjorn
Clerick Kent

1,235 XP

After getting back to the group, they quickly told them about their hairy situation. After a quick discusion about where to go, they decided to  use the apparent confusion to catch the goblins by surprise. The tactic worked, and the group managed to get a search party by surprise. After taking them out, they patched up their wounds and decided to venture a little bit deeper into "goblin country". Later on they found another search party, and they were practically evenly matched, but misfortune felled upon the group and the goblins called for reinforcement. The Blind Eye barely managed to repel them and the reinforcements, but in the end they managed.

Characters; Average Party Level: 6

Dio Stoustaprk II
Rurick Torbjorn

1,000 XP

The Blind Eye plus Eanthril left the others in care of the poor sick rouge and decided to scout ahead in search of the goblins, after a couple of hours in the search, they found them. The group tried to play the hiding game but luck was not in their favor, the goblins had worgs with them and the worgs managed to sniff them out. So what was supposed to be a scouting mission turned into a fight between the both groups but with a slight advantage for the goblins, since they had the numbers. The fight ended when the group, in a attempt to not die, managed to entangle the worgs and the goblins and made a run for it. The Blind Eye decided in the way to not take a direct route to where the rest were holed up, since Greed can barely move. They took a long route, successfully getting another step ahead of them, which meant more time for them to gather the group and running away.

Character; Average Party Level: 5

Nenë Hombruk
Dio Stoutspark II
Eanthril Galanodel

Bandit's Problems

After hours of looking for a missing Rurick, Nenë and Clerick found a half-elf and an elf that just stumbled upon them. They looked to be running for quite a while now. After some question asked by Nenë, they found out that their names were Eanthrill and Aeowen, and that they were being chased by a group of bandits because these two stole some money from them and gave them to the villagers from whom the bandits originally stole from.


Character, Averege Part Level 5
Rurick  Torbjorn 
Dio Stoutspark
Nenë Hombruk
Eanthrill Galanodel
Clerick Kent
Aeowen Eir

Encounter CR:8
8 Human Bandits

1692 gps found
282 gps per adventurer

Goblin night ambush

After a week of waiting, the group (still to be named) got out of jail and called into the quarters of Captian Jamros Trannyth, he personally apologized to them, saying that he hoped they understood why he did what he did, being as it was a matter of making sure that he protected his town. After asking for information regarding the goblin problem, the captain informed them that attacks were now becoming too frequent and rapidly increasing in numbers to be regarded as simply "going to loot".

Based on general directions concerning the most recent attacks, and the information the managed to take out of the captured goblin, the group set for the east. After a days hike, the group decided to set up camp in what looked as a ruins of a stone watchtower of sorts and set turns for lookout. Later that night, the group was attacked by a band of goblins with their worgs. Bartolomeo managed to charm two of the worgs, and with that, the group managed to take down the rest.

Average Party Level: 4
Rurik Torbjorn
Clerick Kent
Nenë Hombruk

Encounter(s) CR:6
10 Goblins
3 Worgs

Total Wealth: 1,540 gps
Wealth per adventurer: 385 gps
Others: 2 alchemist fire vials.

Poems of a dead cat

1,000 XP/Character

After sleeping in the woods for a night, Dio, Bartolomeo, GatoClerick, Nene and a suddenly ill Greed arrived at the city of Land's End, only to find it completely desolate. they crossed a bridge into town to start looking for any signs of life, only to find themselves fighting with 4 constructs. They managed to take the constructs down, but then were face to face with the the local guard, the desolate town was now shimmering. The guards looked uneasy and the captain stepped forward and asked the adventurers their business in Land's End. The group couldn't quite articulate the sentences well enough for the captain's taste and had them all arrested until 2 of his guards could make it to Farend and ask for captain Nabrir to vouch for them, IF he can or will vouch for them. 


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