Xavier Nightblade

"This is good, but not good enough to impress Mr. De La Torre"


He is a brown hair, brown eyes, 5’10", 160 lbs Human


Xavier is a travelling bard who’s origins are in the capital city of Thyatis. He is so full of wanderlust and passion for music that he aspires to be like the infamous Felipe De La Torre y Rodriguez, member of the infamous Dusk and Dawn group. While growing up in the city to wealthy untitled family of 5, father, mother, an older sister and his twin brother Javier, he would go to the nearest plaza to hear the bards sing, dance and do theatrics. It was later on when he asked his parents to buy him an instrument, an so they did. He the began to learn, although bards don’t have schools or the such, he was taken in by a “master” and a “brother student” called Dio. Xavier is very competitive and most of the times, the bards would acclaim more to Dio than to Xavier, and that makes him very mad, so one day he and his brother up and vanished form the city, to go on a journey, vowing to compose a songs and poems so great, that Dio would retire in shame and that it would capture the attention of his idol, Felipe.

Xavier Nightblade

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