Tharilor Weedshaker

Governor of Land's End


Elf male aristocrat level 6


Tharilor, not a lot of races out of humans are ever chosen to be members of the aristocratic circle in Qeodhar, but Tharilor managed to become one of them. Although he might be considered a bit of a jokester, he has a knack for office work. After a long day of work, he can normally be seen in the local pub drinking, making him one of the most accessible members of the government. His captain of the guard, Jamros Trannyth, often advises him to not go to places with little to no regard for security, always reminding him that he is a high functionary of the government and there might be people who might want to try and kill him. They almost never see eye to eye in certain matters since Jamro’s approach is almost never similar to what he will consider.

Tharilor Weedshaker

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