52?? y/o Human, Lawful Neutral Level 15, Monk level 10, Drunken Master level 5.

Hit Dice: 10d8 (Monk) 5d8 (Drunken Fist)
hp: 127 hp
Initative: 1
Speed: 60ft
AC: 18=10
Str: 12 (1), Dex:13 (1), Con:14 (2), Int:12 (1), Wis: 17 (3), Cha: 11 (0)
Saves: 15 Fort, +12 Refl, +11 Will.
BAB: +12/
Melee Attack Bonus: 13/8
Ranged Attack Bonus: 13/8
Unarmed Attack Bonus: 8/5/2
Unarmed Damage: 1d10
Special: Unarmed Strike, Stunning Attack, Improved Evasion, Still Mind, Slow Fall (50ft), Purity of Body, Wholeness of Body, Leap of the Clouds, Ki Strike (
1), Drink like a Demon, Bottle Proficiency, Stagger, Swaying Waist, +1 AC, Improvised Weapons, Drunken Rage.
Feats: Dodge, Great Fortitude, Acrobatic, Combat Reflexes, Mobility, Extra Stunning, Hold the Line.
Skills Balance +18, Bluff +6, Climb +7, Diplomacy +5, Escape Artist +9, Jump +9, Listen +8, Sens Motive +8, Tumble +18,


Mugen sensei, as he is called, is a human monk who lives wandering aimlessly through the known world from pub to pub, sometimes having a great drink while other times, having to run because of “little misunderstandings with the local authorities”. Some people try to find him and beg him to let them become their disciple, but he always refuses with a big smile on his face and an tankard of ale in his hands. Although it was rumored that 15 years ago, he did actually picked up a student, but nobody has been able to confirm nor deny such rumors, and Mugen sensei hasn’t neither denied nor confirmed it either.

Just like he has a lot of friends and acquaintances, Mugen also has a lot of enemies wanting to kill, but since he is always on a drunken blur, its very hard to pinpoint where he is actually going when even the same guy does’t know where he is going or how he will get there.


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