Half-Elf Druid


Lawful Neutral Half-Elf Natureborn Druid level 3 Weight: 5’9" Height:145 lbs Green Eyes White Hair.


His companion is Gato, and he is the protagonist of his own legend. The legend speaks of a powerful Druid, strong within the circle of Thyatian empire. Said to had laid with a mystical goddess of nature, fooled by her appearance of human nature. Their creature, a memorizing half-elf natureborn named Bartolomeo.

Its sad that the youngling sprang from a blossom of the nature goddess (forgot her name). She blessed him with the ability to speak with plants and animals but condemned to live in the wilds or suffer the consecuences. Though, this wa sno problem for him being a natural born druid. He was raised by bothj nature and the circle. He was later sent to serve Troyus Bloodstone by orders of his father directly from the circle, with their arrangement Bartolomeo set off to the works commanded by Troyus and his kin.

Little is known of his child hood or intent, just that he loved nature as he loved his mother.


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