Warring Kingdoms

Poems of a dead cat

1,000 XP/Character

After sleeping in the woods for a night, Dio, Bartolomeo, GatoClerick, Nene and a suddenly ill Greed arrived at the city of Land's End, only to find it completely desolate. they crossed a bridge into town to start looking for any signs of life, only to find themselves fighting with 4 constructs. They managed to take the constructs down, but then were face to face with the the local guard, the desolate town was now shimmering. The guards looked uneasy and the captain stepped forward and asked the adventurers their business in Land's End. The group couldn't quite articulate the sentences well enough for the captain's taste and had them all arrested until 2 of his guards could make it to Farend and ask for captain Nabrir to vouch for them, IF he can or will vouch for them. 



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