Warring Kingdoms

Goblin night ambush


After a week of waiting, the group (still to be named) got out of jail and called into the quarters of Captian Jamros Trannyth, he personally apologized to them, saying that he hoped they understood why he did what he did, being as it was a matter of making sure that he protected his town. After asking for information regarding the goblin problem, the captain informed them that attacks were now becoming too frequent and rapidly increasing in numbers to be regarded as simply "going to loot".

Based on general directions concerning the most recent attacks, and the information the managed to take out of the captured goblin, the group set for the east. After a days hike, the group decided to set up camp in what looked as a ruins of a stone watchtower of sorts and set turns for lookout. Later that night, the group was attacked by a band of goblins with their worgs. Bartolomeo managed to charm two of the worgs, and with that, the group managed to take down the rest.

Average Party Level: 4
Rurik Torbjorn
Clerick Kent
Nenë Hombruk

Encounter(s) CR:6
10 Goblins
3 Worgs

Total Wealth: 1,540 gps
Wealth per adventurer: 385 gps
Others: 2 alchemist fire vials.



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