Warring Kingdoms

Bandit's Problems


After hours of looking for a missing Rurick, Nenë and Clerick found a half-elf and an elf that just stumbled upon them. They looked to be running for quite a while now. After some question asked by Nenë, they found out that their names were Eanthrill and Aeowen, and that they were being chased by a group of bandits because these two stole some money from them and gave them to the villagers from whom the bandits originally stole from.


Character, Averege Part Level 5
Rurick  Torbjorn 
Dio Stoutspark
Nenë Hombruk
Eanthrill Galanodel
Clerick Kent
Aeowen Eir

Encounter CR:8
8 Human Bandits

1692 gps found
282 gps per adventurer



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