In the world of Mystara, two mighty empires waged war on one another. These empires are Thyatis and Alpathia. There are many rumors as to why there is war between these two powerful countries. Some say that its for the dominance of the Known World, others say that its because of a long standing feud between these two empires' leaders that started millennia ago, and some say that its because each wants the resources the other one haves. Nobody knows for sure what it is, but all that is known is that the current emperor of Thyatis, Troyus Bloodstone, vowed that he will once and for all end this gruesome war that has claimed the lives of many people over the course of many, many years. Emperor Bloodstone has ordered his most trusted military officials to look for young, promising adventurers within Thyatis, its colonies and allies that are willing to risk everything, even their own lives, to venture into alpathian territory and finds its military and governmental weaknesses to stop once and for all this war. Will they be able to do it? Or will they die trying?

Warring Kingdoms

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